Eco-friendly Drain Cleaner


Eco-friendly Drain Cleaner

A blend of specially selected non-toxic microbes that digest matter affecting drainage systems including:

  • Oils
  • Fats
  • Grease
  • Organic matter

Safety Data Sheet Product Usage Guide


Ready to use (manually or through an automatic dosing system)

Our Eco-friendly drain cleaner has been developed to remove blockages, specifically from drainage systems, caused by the build-up of oils, fats and grease. Simply pour down the waste drainpipe system last thing at night or when drains are not in use and leave until morning. Let it work in its own time and it will break down the blockage organically.


 At home or in a commercial kitchen drains are blocked by fat, grease and oil leading to slow drainage and overflows and creating unpleasant odours. To resolve these issues is a costly expense calling in specialist drain clearing companies

The problem:

Clearing blocked drains is not only expensive, it also involves using harsh drain cleaners that are harmful to the environment and create other problems and acid drain cleaners will not resolve these issues as they simply ride over oil, grease and fat-based contaminants.

The solution:

BDS Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaner is totally different from other drain cleaners. It clears the blockage by treating it as organic matter and breaks down the molecular structure of the grease and oils over a period without harming the environment. It is dosed at the end of the day and poses no risks to users. There are no harsh or acidic chemicals in this product so there are no immediate Health & Safety issues and there are no expensive call out charges from specialist drain clearing companies. It will work for you while your premises are closed or you are sleeping through the night.

This may take a few applications depending on the length of time contaminants have been present and volume of the blockage. This can be also be used as a maintenance product for regular use to keep waste and drains clear, giving you peace of mind.



For your Health & Safety, cost-saving and helping the environment by reducing plastic waste and labelling, we have introduced a 5L refill pack. This enables you to retain and refill your original 1L containers so that you have smaller, correctly labelled containers for easier storage or to carry in portable cleaner’s ‘handy carriers’ or trolleys. This is an important health and safety issue and means you are not carrying small un-labelled containers


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