Innovative Hygiene Supplies (IHS) formulate and manufacture its own range of high-performance eco-friendly cleaning products under the BioShield Defence Solutions (BDS) brand.

Researched and developed utilising our extensive knowledge and expertise within the cleaning and hygiene industry, our BDS range represents the cutting edge of cleaning product innovation and is available only through IHS Limited. This enables us to control both quality and performance and ensure complete user confidence.

Alongside the development of industry leading cleaning solutions, we are providers of onsite hygiene and infection control treatments, onsite consultancy & product training, floor care and cleaning equipment service and supply.

With over 30 years of hands-on experience, our dedicated team has worked to provide consultancy and specialist deep clean services to some of the biggest name brands across several key industries. They include supermarkets, cruise line operators, public transport companies, care home providers, schools & colleges, local authorities and the National Health Service.


Washroom equipment

Hygiene and janitorial supplies

Floorcare Karcher and SC Johnson's

Product training

Writing cleaning schedules


Deep cleans

Problem solving

Retail cleaning

Contract cleaning

Product development

Infection control

Specialist cleaning

Onsite staff and product training


IHS 2020

From education to product formulation, honesty and excellence sits at the heart of everything we do, working hard to protect the health and wellbeing of our clients and their customers through innovative hygiene supplies and services. It’s in our name, after all.