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Infection Control

Keeping your environments as safe as possible

Reassuring You 

Protecting your health and wellbeing

Preparing for life after lockdown and return to work…

As infection control specialists, manufacturers and suppliers of eco-friendly cleaning and sanitising solutions that are effective against Coronavirus, we are committed to helping both businesses and the public in the fight against this pandemic outbreak…READ MORE

An everyday issue

Ineffective cleaning maintenance 

The problem that the cleaning and hygiene industry can all relate to, is that they usually have limited time and budgets to clean to the standards they require or desire. They also generally use unfriendly cleaning products to try and achieve this.

An all too familiar problem 

“How many times have we all entered toilets or washrooms where the overpowering smell of urine and other unpleasant odours dominate the air that we breathe…?”

Our solutions

What makes us different

30 years extensive hands-on experience

Harnessing the cutting edge of cleaning product innovation, we have researched and developed a unique range of high performance cleaning products and infection control treatments, carefully designed to ensure the highest industry standards of hygiene and safety.

 The future in hygiene & infection control

Introducing new ground-breaking technology, our team sits at the forefront of the fight against the spread of infection, cross- contamination and bacteria build-up, ensuring longer lasting protection and prevention of superbugs.