At IHS not only do we have our own exclusive brand of eco-friendly cleaning solutions, but we also have a division which specialises in infection control issues. Our services include the supply of a cleaner sanitiser and alcohol-free hand sanitiser guaranteed to be effective against the current Coronavirus strain (COVID-19).

We also provide infection control services and treatments to help industry deal with contamination concerns and outbreaks of this devastating viral pandemic and to prepare for the return to work.

The cleaner sanitiser and hand sanitiser products have both been tested against Coronavirus and are proven and certified to kill this current strain. The cleaner sanitiser product name is ViraBact™ and both products comply with BS EN 1276 and EN 11744.

Both of these products have been endorsed and purchased by the UK government to supply the NHS, MOD and police services.

Utilising this best-in-market product technology, our deep clean, disinfectant and intensive treatment packages provide the highest levels of infection control across commercial and private working environments. IHS is at the forefront of helping businesses preparing to return to work following the UK’s recent isolation period. We have a range of intensive cleaning methods and solutions strategically designed to safeguard customers and employees by preventing the risk of further contamination.

When carrying out infection control services and treatments we use these products to ensure effective results which make the environments safe to use again.