How we can help you

As infection control specialists, we are committed to helping both businesses and the public in the fight against this pandemic virus.

Our aim is to educate and assist all organisations, from care and public transport providers to general businesses and local authorities, to enable them to implement the best cleaning and infection control programmes achievable.

Minimise the risk

This is particularly important in the difficult times we are all experiencing. It is vital that we all play a part in doing everything possible to reduce the spread of coronavirus and ensure that effective preventative measures are in place when the current restrictions are lifted.

Time is of the essence and this crisis needs to be addressed not only promptly but effectively to protect everyone’s health and well-being, not least, the elderly and vulnerable.

Supporting You 

Our infection control team is providing professional advice and assistance to many organisations, care home groups, local authorities, public transport companies, distribution networks, on implementing effective preventative measures for and when people return to work.

We all need to be confident that the best infection control procedures are being put in place to ensure everyone’s future safety.