All Purpose Citrus Cleaner


All Purpose Citrus Cleaner

A bio-degradable, cost-effective ‘quick splitting’ solution for cleaning and de-greasing all non-porous, semi-porous and porous surfaces, including glass, Formica, ceramics, plastics, most metals, carpets and fabrics.


  • General cleaning
  • Light everyday cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Grease, oil and ink removal
  • Floor polish and adhesives removal
  • Carpet cleaning and pre-spotting

For 200 Litres and IBC units please contact us to enquire.
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All Purpose Citrus Cleaner

Dilute according to use

Product size: 5L

Case size: 2 x 5L

An amazing multi-purpose citrus-based cleaner with unparalleled performance for use on a multitude of surfaces and applications. The versatility of this cleaner (see applications above) significantly reduces the need for multiple products for specific applications. When supplied in concentrated form it has excellent dilution ratios producing great savings and economy in use. Once you have tried this product this will be the only one you’ll use for all your general cleaning tasks.

Dilution Rate :

  • Light Everyday Cleaning (Dilute up to 200:1 with hot or cold water)
  • Steam Cleaning (Dilute from 15:1 up to 75:1)
  • Grease, oil & ink (Dilute up to 20:1)
  • Floor Polish/Adhesives (Dilute up to 10:1)
  • Carpet Cleaning & Spotting Pre Spray (Dilute 20:1 up to 50:1)
  • Machine Cleaning (Dilute 5:1 up to 10:1)

This citrus cleaner can be used professionally or domestically, and we have clients who have used this product in industrial workshops, cruise liner deep cleans, public transport cleaning, retail and commercial premises with great satisfaction.

It is the stand-out cleaner of its generation and we guarantee your satisfaction too.


For your Health & Safety, cost-saving and helping the environment by reducing plastic waste and labelling, we have introduced a 5L refill pack. This enables you to retain and refill your original trigger sprays so that you have smaller, correctly labelled containers for easier storage or to carry in portable cleaner’s ‘handy carriers’ or trolleys. This is an important health and safety issue and means you are not carrying small un-labelled containers

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5 Litres, 2 x 5 Litres


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