Bioshield Performance Plus Stain and Odour Remover


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Bioshield Performance Plus Stain and Odour Remover

A concentrated blend of detergents and natural organisms which digest the organic soiling traditional cleaners cannot remove.

Cleans, sanitises, removes stains and odours including:

  • Baby soiling
  • Fats and cooking oils
  • Urine, faeces and vomit
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Pet stains and odours
  • Bodily fluid discharges
  • Tobacco odours and residue
  • Wine, fruit juices and soft drinks

Safety Data Sheet Product Usage Guide


Bioshield Performance Plus Stain and Odour Remover

(previously known as Micro-Clean)

Activated by diluting with warm water


Product sizes: 1L & 5L

5L refill pack

This product has been developed to remove stains and odours in areas where you can apply the solution and simply walk away (we call it ‘the lazy person’s’ treatment)

Where soiling has contaminated areas or surfaces (see examples from list above) simply wipe up any excess residue with water and a clean cloth, then dilute as directed, apply and leave it to work, it’s this simple!

BDS Bioshield Performance Plus Cleaner Digester can be used on porous or semi-porous vertical and horizontal surfaces as well as soft furnishings and all hard surfaces. To date we have not come across a surface that it cannot be used on but we always recommend testing on a small unobtrusive area first to be sure.


 At home or in the workplace you spill some milk on the floor or worktop that has a porous or a semi-porous surface, you then clean up the spillage and perhaps mask any potential odour with a pleasant fragrance.

The problem:

A few days or a week later there is most probably mild staining and an unpleasant odour coming from the area where you spilt the milk.

The reason for this is that you may have thought you had cleaned the spillage on the surface, but you had not been able to clean below the surface where the spillage has been absorbed or penetrated, hence the unpleasant odours.

The solution:

BDS Bioshield Performance Plus Cleaner Digester is totally different from other cleaners – it works below the surface and targets the source of the problem, eliminating the odour. There are special ‘active’ ingredients that provide residual activity that will not damage any surface but keep working and digesting the soiling until it’s gone, thus no unpleasant odours and possibly no staining as well.

This may take a few applications depending on the time span from the initial incident and porosity and type of the surface


 For your Health & Safety, cost-saving and helping the environment by reducing plastic waste and labelling, we have introduced a 5L refill pack. This enables you to retain and refill your original 1L containers so that you have smaller, correctly labelled containers for easier storage or to carry in portable cleaner’s ‘handy carriers’ or trolleys. This is an important health and safety issue and means you are not carrying small un-labelled containers

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  1. Phillippa turner

    Being a mum this product is a MUST!! There’s been so many times my daughter has been unwell and hasn’t made it to the bathroom and it’s impossible getting the smell of sick out my carpets. However this product has been a god send. Easy to follow instructions and the customer service was brilliant. Also amazing if you’ve recently got a puppy to!!

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