User-Friendly Drain Hair Digester


User-Friendly Drain Hair Digester

A biologically based hair degrading product for use in:

  • Sinks
  • Drains
  • Showers
  • Plug holes
  • Waste pipes

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User-Friendly Drain Hair Digester

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Product size: 1L

Hair follicles build up with natural body fat and dead skin cells in sink and shower plug holes and can rapidly degrade giving off an acrid smell as well as poor water drainage.

Regular use ensures the effective removal of hair and body fat build-up, thus eliminating odour, blockages and drainage problems.

The problem:

 Hair matter and body fats build up or get entangled in waste pipes and plug holes as they are not cleaned on a regular basis and users rely on water flow to deal with these issues. When a blockage occurs many cleaners will use a harsh acidic drain cleaner that is not good for pipework or the environment and is hazardous to all users, putting their health and safety at great risk if they are not competent or fully trained.

The solution:

BDS User-friendly Hair digester is exactly the opposite to these harmful, aggressive drain cleaners. It will break down organic matter so it can be rinsed away safely through the drainage systems without causing harm to pipework, users and the environment. Simply pour down waste pipes, drains or plug holes overnight and let it work while you sleep and at the same time it will reduce odours caused by this build-up.



For your Health & Safety, cost-saving and helping the environment by reducing plastic waste and labelling, we have introduced a 5L refill pack. This enables you to retain and refill your original 1L containers so that you have smaller, correctly labelled containers for easier storage or to carry in portable cleaner’s ‘handy carriers’ or trolleys. This is an important health and safety issue and means you are not carrying small un-labelled containers

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