Fabric & Hard Surface Foam Cleaner


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A specialist citrus fragranced multi-purpose cleaner for hard surfaces and fabrics. Can be used on all porous and non-porous surfaces including upholstery, carpets, hard floors, worktops, wood, plastics, vinyl and ceramics.

Ideal for use in:

  • Offices
  • Homes
  • Retail outlets
  • Shipping
  • Vehicle interiors



Ready to use

Product size: 500ml aerosol

Case size: 12 x 500ml

This product has been developed to clean all surfaces in every environment and will clean and sanitise in one action. Simply spray onto any surface and watch as the foam dissipates and then wipe away soiled residue with a clean,dampened microfibre cloth or sponge equivalent.


BDS Fabric and Hard Surface Foam Cleaner is a versatile multi-purpose foam cleaner that can be used on porous or semi-porous vertical and horizontal surfaces as well as soft furnishings, carpets and all hard surfaces. To date we have not experienced a surface that it cannot be used on, but we always recommend testing on a small unobtrusive area first to be sure. It also has a pleasant citrus fragrance to give that smell of cleanliness and freshness


The problem:


Everyday cleaning with liquid solutions creates their own problems. They can leave streak marks, are restrictive on vertical surfaces and cannot be used around anything electrical, televisions, computers/laptops, photographic devices and many hard surfaces and fabrics because of their drying times and the possibility of causing an electrical short out.


The solution:


BDS Fabric Hard Surface Foam Cleaner is totally different from other cleaners – it cleans and lifts the soiling so you can easily wipe it away. It also dries very rapidly because it is not a liquid cleaning product and is excellent for dealing with engrained soiling.

We were asked to provide a product to clean 360,000 handmade Italian ceramic textured floor tiles for a world-renowned cruise liner which three previous suppliers failed to clean to the standard required. With this product the approved contractor cleaned these tiles and to this day the client has now maintained the standards created by the initial clean using this product.


(images confirming the results can be seen in the gallery section of this website)

Additional information

Weight.6 kg
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500ml, 12 x 500ml

2 reviews for Fabric & Hard Surface Foam Cleaner

  1. Phillippa turner

    Love this product I use it all the time at home smells amazing and leaves my home looking fresh and smelling clean

  2. Emily Jones

    Absolutely love this stuff, amazing for everyday use in kitchens and bathrooms and gets stains and dirt out of ANYTHING. Wouldn’t use anything else in the house.

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