About us

IHS was created to provide eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are guaranteed to work for use in specific areas and situations. These have long been a persistent problem for the cleaning and hygiene industry.

Our history

With over 30 years of extensive hands-on experience working within the cleaning and hygiene industry we have researched and developed high-performance cleaning products. We have tried and tested most cleaning products available and have constantly been disappointed by their performance.

Don’t be misled

For too long both consumers and commercial organisations have been deceived by clever marketing and false claims and mis-selling. We are now making available to everyone a new range of cleaning solutions which outperform any other cleaning products in the current marketplace.

Environmental Issues

As concern for the environment has intensified so has the demand for eco-friendly cleaning products for both professional and home use. This in turn has created a major dilemma – firstly many products claiming to be eco-friendly, which in reality are not, and secondly those that are, by their very nature, do not work effectively.

Our solutions

Now we have created our own solutions which are guaranteed to work. Our BDS (bioshield defence solutions) products are truly eco-friendly, environment safe and biodegradable and we guarantee that you can use them with confidence to make your cleaning tasks more effective, efficient and economical achieving the cleaning results you desire.

Enhanced performance

Our range includes cleaners and sanitising solutions for general and specific use on all types of hard surfaces and fabrics together with specialist ‘active’ ingredients. These really get to the heart of the problem for soiling, stains and odour issues, they do not mask odours with sweet fragrances.

Advice, support and training

Full technical support, consultancy, troubleshooting and on-site staff and product training is also available to our clients. We also appreciate that often users only have limited knowledge, or in some cases don’t follow instructions, both resulting in a disappointing outcome. We can help them achieve the results they desire.

Our integrity 

We take great pride in our reputation and product range, we understand users’ concerns when a new range of products are introduced to the marketplace. If in the unlikely event you have a problem that we can’t resolve, we’ll be honest and tell you and not deceive or misguide you just to make a quick sale. We value all our customers and want to build long term business relationships.

Sole suppliers and quality control

All our products have been researched and developed using our own formulas or re-formulations and made under licence so we can control both quality and performance. These products are available only through IHS Limited, so please don’t be deceived or misled by similar brand names or misrepresentations from any other organisations.

The future in hygiene and infection control 

We will be introducing new ground-breaking technology with a range of products which not only clean, sanitise and disinfect but also have long term residual activity providing long lasting protection against further cross- contamination and bacteria build-up. These products will also prevent mutation into superbugs and are destined to become the future industry standard in cleaning and infection control treatments.



“How many times have we all entered toilets or washrooms where the overpowering smell of urine and other unpleasant odours dominate the air that we breathe?”


BDS represents the cutting edge of cleaning product innovation – a range of high-performance, eco and user-friendly treatments and agents to help you or your organisation accomplish the very highest standards of cleanliness, presentation, hygiene and safety.

Developed from more than 30 years of knowledge and expertise within the cleaning and hygiene industry, BDS products have been specially formulated to effectively tackle the problem areas that most general and even specialist cleaning products simply can’t manage.