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Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser 500 ml / 5L

This foam hand sanitiser has been tested and certified to be effective against Coronavirus, including the current strain.

We also sell a pocket size handy version of this product in 100ml

This product is triclosan free, alcohol free, kind to skin and eco-friendly.

This odourless non-tainting skin sanitiser has been designed for frequent use. Ideal for use in clinics, hospitals, on entering food production areas or before handling food.

Can also be used in spray systems to disinfect people entering buildings.

This product is formulated using predominantly vegetable derived bactericides and foaming agents and is a mixture of effective biocides, which quickly eliminate unwanted bacteria on the skin.

Directions for use 

  • Apply a sufficient amount of product to the palm of the hand
  • Using both palms of your hands rub the sanitiser
  • Allow your hands to air dry

This product also comes in 5 litres, 500ml and 100ml formats, it can be dispensed through wall-mounted refillable dispensers, lotion pumps, and hand pump sprays.

Safety Data Sheets Lab Report

Product User Guide