Here at Innovative Hygiene Supplies, we are designers and suppliers of eco-friendly cleaning solutions that offer unparalleled results. Additionally, you may be aware that we are also specialists in deep cleaning and hygiene & infection control with over 30 years of experience.


From your initial consultation through to the preventative measures and knowledge shared, we will work with absolute integrity and will guide you through what is necessary to keep your workplace, employees and visitors safe through these difficult times.

What makes us different from other contractors whom we have witnessed are inflating costs to take advantage of market conditions, is that we will give you an honest and accurate breakdown so you can see you can see exactly what you are paying for with the knowledge that we are in business to make a profit but not to exploit our clients

Several points need to be considered in regards to costings for potential sterilisation cleans after possible virus contamination and to help prevent further outbreaks:

  • Site location and travel
  • The size of premises
  • Size of areas in the premises of contamination
  • Accessibility to areas and building offices
  • Whether multiple cleaning tasks are carried in one visit or one clean per visit
  • What time slots and areas are available
  • Areas would need to be traffic free, preferably out of hours
  • An area will be required adjacent to areas to be cleaned (used as a sterile control zone to prevent cross-contamination to other areas)
  • Areas would need to be kept uninhabited for a period of 6-8 hours after treatments (ideally overnight)


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